Sunday, October 4, 2009


Nancy Werlin; Dial 2008

Summary: Lucy Scarborough is only 17, but she carries the burden of a curse that has already struck down several women in her family. Each of her afflicted ancestors failed at completing three seemingly impossible tasks, and each succumbed to madness at the birth of her first child. Facing this tragic fate, Lucy braces herself for a losing battle. Mercifully, she has allies in her struggle: intensely sympathetic foster parents and her loyal childhood friend Zach.

My Review: It is a compelling story about family, fantasy, and true love. Lucy pushes herself to the limit while carrying heavy burdens making her a strong character worth reading about.  It has that romantic tension that will keep you reading till your eyes grow tired. I underlined so many quotes that inspired me. This book is based on the song Scarborough Fair, which makes the story even more interesting because it’s based on a song. I loved it so much! I got several of my professors at college to read this book and now they are teaching it! It deals with some common issues, but the fantasy of it all makes it worth the read.

Things to Watch Out for: Mental illness, Rape, Teen Pregnancy, death, Elfin Knight, mentioning’s of erection, sexual references, and drinking. 
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