Judging a Book

Questions to Ask When judging a Book

Is this a good story?

Is the story something you think could really happen? Is the plot believable?

Did the main character overcome the problem, but not too easily?

Did the climax seem natural?

Did the characters seem real? Did you understand the characters’ personalities and the reasons for their actions?

Did the characters in the story grow?

Did I find out about more than one side of the characters? Did the characters have both strengths and weaknesses?

Did the setting present what is actually known about that time or place?

Did the characters fit into the setting?

 Did you feel that you were really in that time or place?

What did the author want to tell you in the story?

Was the theme worthwhile?

When you read the book aloud, did the characters sound like real people actually talking?

Did the rest of the language sound natural? 

Questions to ask Before, During, and After reading:

What clues does the title give me about the story?

Is this a real or imaginary story?

Why am I reading this?

What do I already know about___?

What predictions can I make?

What do I understand from what I just read?

Which of my predictions were right?

What information from the text tells me that I am correct?

What connections can I make to the text? 

What is the main idea?

What picture is the author painting in my head?

Do I need to reread so that I understand?

What were the main ideas?

How do I feel about it?

Consider this for an In Depth Reading Experience: 

  • Preview and make predictions

  • Read selectively

  • Make connections and associations with the text based on what you already know

  • Refine predictions and expectations

  • Use context to identify unfamiliar words

  • Reread and make notes if you have to

  • Evaluate the quality of the text

  • Review important points in the text

  • Consider how the information might be used in the future