Thursday, October 15, 2009

Princess Mia

Princess Mia
Meg Cabot;Harper Teen 2008

Summary: After her major break up with Michael, Mia is forced into  a major depression and barely gets out of bed. At school, Lilly still refuses to speak to Mia, J.P continually tries to cheer her up by being sweet, and now Lana wants to be best friends with her. And to make matters worse Mias parents are so worried about her that they send her to a cowboy psychologist, Dr. Knutz. Grandmere of all people, could care less about Mia and her situation and  only wants Mia to speak at a gala for Domina Rei, which is a society of powerful businesswomen. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Mia finds a diary of a teenage princess of Genovia, an old family secret long forgotten. Could this possibly be the answer to her prayers?

Personal Review: I have been reading the Princess Diaries series since I was twelve years old and they never get old to me. Mia is one of those characters that will always entertain you. She is always getting herself into some kind of problem. In this book watching her go through a depression is sad, but at the same time very funny. If you have read the other Princess Diaries books, you are sure to like this one.

Cautionary Notes: Occasionally crude remarks

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