Monday, December 14, 2009


Donna Jo Napoli;Simon Pulse

Summary: Xing Xing is bound to her stepmother and is forced to do hard labor and act as a servant in her own home. She cares for her step sister, Wei Ping, who even though she is past age for foot-binding is forced to endure the painful tradition of Chinese girls before marriage. Her only solitude is visiting her carp and practicing her calligraphy and poetry. When her stepmother takes away her only happiness, Xing Xing discovers a dress and slippers she becomes somebody in society for one night. Will Xing Xing overcome her position in life?

My Review: I have always liked the Cinderella story, but this time it had a Chinese twist, which I really liked. I loved learning about the Chinese's old traditions like foot-binding. Overall, it was a great good.

Watch Out For: Foot-binding, and Chinese traditions.

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