Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love Changes Everything

Love Changes Everything
by Arlynnn Pressser;Bantam Books

Summary: Gerolynn "Gigi" Pelka spent her a year in Paris, while writing to her best friend, Ethan, and the man of her dreams, Jack Chandler. Jack Chandler is everything a girl could want. Star of the football  team and drop dead gorgeous. Gigi is determined to get Jack to notice her this year.But Ethan thinks its a bad idea. Jack is one of those guys who will love them then leave them. And Gigi deserves better than that. Ethan knows that he can make Gigi happy. Will Gigi get over Jack and fall for Ethan?

My Review: You know those cheesy love stories you can't stand. Well this is one them. Read at your own risk!

Watch Out For: Gooey Gooey Love Stuff.

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