Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Heavenly Surrender

The Heavenly Surrender
By Marcia Lynn McClure; Distractions Ink

Summary: Genieva Bankman willing agreed to the arrangement of leaving Chicago to meet Brevan McLean, and become a hard working wife. But what she did not expect was to met such a handsome and intimidating man. Brevan McLean was a strong-willed, quick-tempered and expectant of much from his new wife. He married her for practical reasons only and merely wanted any woman who worked hard and would provide him assistance on the farm. Genieva would soon learn that there are dark secrets involved and unspoken by Brevan and his family and his land. Genieva Bankman McLean will find herself and her husband in the midst of treachery, violence, and villainy.

My Review: O how I love Marcia Lynn McClure and her novels! I loved how she used both the Irish culture and the Spanish culture in this novel. The Irish and Spanish language kept me more involved in the story. The Kissing scenes and the main male characters in her stories never get old to me. I laughed out loud, blushed, and sighed while reading this story. I absolutely adored this book!

Watch Out For: Violence

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