Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two Roads

Two Roads
By Chris Crowe; Bookcraft

Summary: Jared is coming to the end of his mission and still continues to have flashblacks of that fatal night two years ago. Now Jared is dealing with a mamma's boy companion, who asks one too many questions about his past life. Jared is forced to tell this "greenie" about his conversion to the LDS church and how a girl named Leisel changed his life forever.

My Review: I have always been really fond of this novel. It is a short read, but well worth it. The author really describes the trials that young adults face today such as teen parties, peer pressure, and all the social things along with that.   He addresses the deep stuff like anti religion/ethics/cults, issues that people deal with on a daily basis. This is an LDS (mormon) novel and talks about the LDS church throughout the book. This truly is an excellent read though, this was my third time reading it and I absolutely loved it.

Watch Out For: Drinking, partying, crazy driving, anti mormon/ethics/ religions pamphlets,  and a car-wreck.

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