Monday, September 20, 2010

The Life Cycle of Turtles

The Life Cycle of Turtles
by Bobbie Kalman;Crabtree Publishing Company 2002

Summary: Describes how sea turtles develop from eggs to adult turtles and migrate long distances, talks about the dangers they face from animal and human predators, and suggests ways children can help.

My Review: Sea turtles are my favorite animals. I have been fascinated by them for some time. In this book it shows the different kinds of sea turtles throughout history. It gives facts about their life cycle, birth, diet, etc.. I kinda got choked up at one part of this book because it showed a turtle turned upside down and all of her eggs broken. I really enjoyed this non fiction book about sea turtles

Things to Watch Out For: Dangers sea turtles face like predators, humans, weather, pollution, etc...

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