Friday, October 8, 2010

The Bunyans

The Bunyans
by Audrey Wood; Blue Sky Press 1996

Summary: You may have heard of Paul Bunyan who was taller than the biggest tree, but have you heard of his family?  Meet Paul, his giant wife Carrie, and their two king-sized children Little Jean and Teeny. This is a family who helps create some of the most striking natural wonders of North America!  Through their footprints and adventures they create infamous sites such as the Rocky Mountains, Old Faithful, and Niagara Falls. They are a family you will never forget.

My Review: My Aunt introduced me to this book when I was a little girl and I've loved it ever since. The idea of the ginormous Paul Bunyan having a family is mind boggling. While reading through the book you see how the Bunyan family shapes out the geological sites in North America. The illustrations in this picture book are incredible. My favorite picture is the one with Paul Bunyan and his son Jean walking away from a pile of sand dumped from Jeans shoes. That pile of sand is known as the Great Sand Dunes today! I was so blown away that a National Park near my home is in a children's book. Its an awesome book.

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