Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tilly Witch

Tilly Witch
By Don Freeman; Viking Press 1969

Summary: One bright moonlit night, Tilly Ispswitch, Queen of Halloween, stood atop her high mountain peak and sighed, "My, my! What a lovely evening! It makes me feel like being kind to everyone in the world especially children."
I know what you are thinking. What the? Tilly is in a great mood and cannot get out of it. Halloween is hear and how is she suppose to frighten children when she is smiling? Tilly gets on her surfboard to visit the witch doctor who sends her to  Miss Fitch's Finishing School for Witches. Will Tilly find her oldself by Halloween?

My Review: My aunt would read thsi to me and my cousin when we were little girls. I remember her changing her voice into sounding like a witch. My cousin and I would giggle and enjoy every minute of the book. Tilly is such a fun character. A witch who forgets to mean? Common! That is hilarious! The illistrations are very well done. Look below for examples of the pictures.

Things to Watch Out For: Halloweens stuff, training school to be a mean witch, witchdoctor with tiki mask.

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