Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grimm's Cinderella

By Brothers Grimm; Children’s Household Tales 1812

Summary: Cinderella works for her step mother and step sisters. She turns her world upside down when she receives dresses and slippers and goes to the balls and meets the prince. When she loses her slipper the prince comes looking for her. 

My Review: Cinderella has always been my favorite fairytale, that is, until I read this non-Disney version. In this Cinderella there is no fairy godmother, magic pumpkin, or mice. Instead she gets her slippers and dress by chanting a song to a tree and the birds send down her dress. I found it rather weird. Also the step mother is a psycho path. She makes her two daughters cut off their heel and toe in order for the shoe to fit. I found that to be beyond anything I could handle. 

Things to Watch Out For: Violence, blood

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