Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech; Scholastic 1994

"Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."

Summary: Salamanca Tree Hiddle, a thirteen-year-old form Bybanks, Kentucky, is traveling across the country to Idaho with her grandparents. Along the way she tells them the story of Phoebe Winterbottom, her disappearing mother, and the lunatic. Throughout the story, readers find out more about the story of Salamanca's mother and herself.   

My Review: I have been in love with this book since the 1st grade. Salamanca is such a strong character. The road trip with her grandparents is hilarious! Huza Huza! And the character Phoebe is so funny because she is dramatic beyond all belief. The whole story with the lunatic really draws readers into the story and it keeps you on your toes. 

Watch Out For: Death, mentioning of murder, mild language, abandonment

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