Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love Me

Love Me
Marcia Lynn McClure; Distractions Ink 2006

Summary: Jacey Whittaker couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t loved Scott Pendleton—the boy next door. She couldn’t remember a time when Scott hadn’t been in her life—in her heart. Yet, Scott was every other girl’s dream, too. How could Jacey possibly hope to win such a prize—the attention, the affections, the very heart of such a sought after young man? Yet, win him she did! He became the bliss of her youthful heart—at least for a time. 

Still, some dreams live fulfilled—and some are lost. Loss changes the very soul of a being. Jacey wondered if her soul would ever rebound. Certainly, she went on—lived a happy life—if not so full and perfectly happy a life as she once lived. Yet, she feared she would never recover—never get over Scott Pendleton—her first love.

Until the day a man walked into her apartment—into her apartment and into her heart. Would this man be the one to heal her broken heart? Would this man be her one true love?

My Review: This is a really cute sentimental book. Scott was the guy ever one dreams of. The hot jock who teases you, protects you, and just loves you. That one of the phrases that occurs most in this novel. "Just love me."  What I really like about this book is the music. It mentions specific songs like "Puupy Love" by Donny Osmond and "Love me" by Elvis. It was a short read and I really did enjoy it. 
Watch Out for: A whole lotta kissing!

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