Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eye Candy

Eye Candy
50 Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes

By Linda Mason; Watson-Guptill 2008

Summary: “I love those colorful, glamorous eyes I see in magazines and in movies,” you say. “They tempt me, they torment me! It all looks so simple, but when I try it, I look like one of the undead. Help me!” No problem, honey, because Eye Candy is here. In this handy new book, acclaimed makeup artist Linda Mason reveals the secrets of eye makeup with fifty hot looks. Each selection, from everyday to night-on-the-town, is presented so simply, so clearly, that anyone can have fabulous eyes in just a few steps. For each look, Mason provides a straightforward list of what’s needed, a diagram showing what to put where, and a palette for finding the right colors in a personal makeup collection or a cosmetics aisle. Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful eyes? Now everyone will tell you you have beautiful eyes, thanks to Eye Candy!

My Review: This is my number one eye make-up design help book! Oh how I have used this o so many times. This is my companion when I want to do something cool with my eyes. It has given me my own inspiration to create and design ways with makeup to make eyes stand out. Even though I have seen better make designs, this one is on a simple level where anyone can copy it. That’s probably why I like it so much. It’s fast, it’s easy, and anyone can recreate the designs she gives.

Pictures of Yours Truly: 
This gave me inspiration to try my hand in eye make-up design and here are the results. 


  1. This sounds so interesting, especially because who wants to be boring? Even more so when it comes to make up :P The photos are gorgeous btw

  2. I never knew so many cool things could be done with eyes. I found you from

  3. I used to wear SO much eye makeup (I had shadow in literally every color). I backed off a bit when my mom said I looked like Mimi Bobek :P

    I'm comfortable with shadow, but I've always been intimidated by eyeliner. I can never get it to look good! Does this book have tips on that end as well?

    BTW, I am a new follower -- I found your blog via bookblogs. Mine is

  4. I've added this to my Amazon wishlist - the photos you've taken look gorgeous!


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