Monday, November 9, 2009


By Angela Johnson; Dial Books 2004

Bird, a thirteen-year-old girl with a mission, has run away in pursuit of her stepfather. She's sure she'll be able to convince him to return home—to fill the hole he left in their family. And while she hides near his sister's farmhouse, she becomes entwined in the lives of three people who also have holes to fill: Ethan, whose heart troubles have kept him too sheltered from kids his own age; Jay, whose brother has died unexpectedly; and Mrs. Pritchard, whose house has been too empty since her husband was moved to a nursing home. 

Through the unique voices of the three kids, an eloquent, affecting story unfolds—the story of how one individual's warmth and kindness can heal so many hurts. Bird will leave you thoroughly uplifted.

My Review: Bird is a heartwarming story of family and friends. Bird is set on finding her father Cecil and bringing him back home. She misses her bedroom, her friends, and her mother, but most of all she misses the feeling of family. This part made me sympathetic to Bird, because all of us all have this sense of belonging and being apart of something.  I would label this book as a pre-teen book because it’s boarder line from Children’s Literature to Young Adult.  It's a short read, but so fulfilling at the same time!

Watch Out for:  Runaway’s, death, medical conditions, and feelings of loss. 

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