Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Locked Inside

Locked Inside
By Nancy Werlin; Laurel Leaf Books

Summary: As the daughter of the wildly successful inspirational singer-author Skye – who died in a plane crash when Marnie was young – Marnie Skyedottir stands to inherit great wealth. But until she is old enough, she must survive a dreary life in private boarding school. She endures by escaping into an online role-playing game as much as possible, and steering well clear of the other girls. So when Marnie is kidnapped by someone who also claims to be Skye’s daughter, she is terrified. With her reclusive tendencies, will anyone even notice that she’s gone? And will her online gaming skills be of any help to her in this real-life drama?

My Review: This mysterious thriller kept me guessing and wanting to know what would happen next. It has clever twists and entertaining suspense. To be quite honest I found this book to be quite weird. I am into gaming and everything, but you don’t see me having conversations in my mind with video game characters.  I did however love the relationship between Marnie and Elf. If you are into weird thrillers then I would recommend it. But in my opinion, most people could do without reading it.

Watch out for: Some physical abuse, some violence, kidnapping, and extreme online gaming.

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