Monday, November 30, 2009

Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear
Ben Mikaelsen; Harper Trophy

Summary: Cole Matthews is a troubled teen who commits various crimes and is a bully to everyone. When Cole robs and trashes a hardware store, a 9th grader by the name of Peter Driscal tells the police. Cole confronts Peter after school and starts smashing Peter Driscal's head on the sidewalk, and is arrested for his violence. Cole must either  go to jail or he must join Circle Justice. Cole chooses the Circle Justice, where he is sent to a remote island in Alaska for a year. After causing more trouble Cole is confront by a Spirit Bear and critically wounded. Can Cole change? 

My Review: This is one of those books where you watch the main character go through a major change. In Cole's case he changed for the better and it really touched me. A very good read about one's journey and redemption.

Watch out for: Violence and Anger.


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