Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Devil's Kiss

The Devil's Kiss 
By Sarwat Chadda; Disney/ Hyperion Books

Summary: Bilquis SanGreal also known as Billi is the youngest and only female member of the Knights Templar. Instead of living a normal teenage life she spends her time training as a solider in her order's ancient battle with the Unholy. When her childhood friend Kay comes back from Jerusalem, he is ready to reclaim his place in her life again. But Billi has meet someone new, Michael, who seems to understand her like no one else and shows her there is more to life than following orders. But before Billi can enjoy the pleasant new twist in her life, the Templars are called to duty. An ancient enemy has resurfaced, searching for a treasure that the Templars have protected for hundreds of years. A cursed mirror powerful enough to kill all of London's first borns. Billi will have to put her heart aside and make sacrifices greater than any of the Templars could have imagined.

My Review: I really got into this book. I loved Billi and all her mad fighting skills. I felt for her through those trying times with her dad and not wanting to be apart of the Knights Templar. All she wanted was to be normal, but family duties always come first. The thing about this book  is that it involved some things that some people might find objectionable. Satan, Michael the Arch Angel are characters in this modern tale. So fair warning of that. It was an excellent read for me, but the question is...will it be for you?

Watch Out For: Violence, mild language, dark creatures, and bloody/graphic scenes.

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