Sunday, January 31, 2010


By Alex Flinn; Harper Teen

Summary:  Kyle Kingsbury is on top of the world. He's handsome, he's rich, and popular. But when Kyle plays a mean joke on a girl named Kendra things change. Kendra, a disguised witch, curses him and turns him into what he really is. A beast. A creature with hair from every pore, fangs, and claws. Kyle has two years to find a girl who will love him and her in return.

My Review: This is my favorite re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. I loved the beasts point of view and how this takes place in modern day New York City. Its amazing to see how Kyle changes through the course of two years and how he finally starts to see the beauty in all things. I loved it and I highly recommend it.

Watch Out For: Mild Language, Teenage acts, and Beastly outrages.

Interesting News: They are also making a movie of Beastly. I don't know if I will like it due to his appearance.

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  1. I'm glad someone else has reviewed this, haven't seen that many around. I also loved this and reviewed it, if you'd check it out that'd be great.


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