Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Story of Ruby Bridges

The Story of Ruby Bridges
By Robert Coles; Scholastic Inc.1995

Summary: Ruby Bridges is six-years-old when she is asked to be the first black child to attend an all white elementary school during the civil rights movement and desegregation in New Orleans in 1960.

My Review: I first heard about this book in my education class. A girl read it out loud and I loved it. I just read it for the first time and I think it is a remarkable true story. Ruby Bridges had so much courage to stand alone in the face of racism. She is a hero in my eyes and I love this true story. I love this children's book because it teaches young children about racism and forgiveness.  It is definitely a must read.

Things to Watch Out For: Riots, civil rights movement, and racism.

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