Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Great Little Madison

The Great Little Madison
Jean Fritz;Scholastic 1989

Summary: During the 1800’s America was in a war with England. The only person standing up during these problems was James Madison, one of America’s founding fathers, who eventually earned the title “master builder of the Constituion,” at the Federal Constitutional Convection. He, along side with the other founding fathers helped shape the United States to beat the impossible.

My Review: I honestly had no idea how much James Madison did. I have always heard great things about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but James Madison has never crossed my mind. James Madison had a small voice and was small in size, but he truly cared for this country and did great things for it by voicing his opinion and putting himself out there. Throughout this book there are pictures of documents and portraits. I really enjoyed these because they are a part of history! This is a historical book so it can be challenging for those who are into fiction. It took me awhile to read this, but I pushed through and ended up liking it.

Watch Out For: Wars, revolutions, political debates, history.

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