Monday, October 18, 2010

Runaway Marie Louise

Runaway Maria Louise
By Natalie Savage Carlson;  Charles Scribner's Sons 1977

Summary: Marie Louise is a little brown mongoose who, on occasion, acts naughty. Her mother spanks her after Marie Louise's naughty behavior and Marie decides to runaway and find a new mother who will love her.

My Review: This is has always been a childhood favorite. My mother would read this to me and my siblings when were were little. I always put myself has Maria Louise because I was a naughty child. Ha Ha. I love the search Maria goes through in finding a new mother that will love her. The different animals she tries to convince to take her in and gets shut down by just cracks me up. The ironic thing of it is that she finds out that it is her own mother that is the best and the one that loves her the most.

Watch Out For: Runaways, naughty behavior.

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