Monday, November 22, 2010

Ella Enchanted (100th Book Review)

Ella Enchanted
By Gail Carson Levine; Scholastic 1997

Summary: Ella is blessed with the gift of obedience by the fairy Lucinda when she was born. Whenever Ella is told to do something, she must do it, including promising never to revel her terrible secret. When Ella’s mother dies, her father remarries and she is sent to finishing school with her nasty stepsisters, Hattie and Olive. Ella runs away in search of Lucinda to beg to lift the curse, Luncida refuses and Ella returns home and resigns herself to a life of drudgery. Prince Charmont is in love with her, but Ella knows she can never marry him because she could put him in grave danger. Can Ella liberate herself from this evil gift?

My Review: First of all, the movie Ella Enchanted is crap. It doesn’t do justice for the book. The book is straight up amazing. Ella is strong, determined, and very obedient. I love her cleverness she uses with everyone and to avoid obedient commands. I’ve always found this book to be hilarious and romantic. Prince Charmont and Ella letters and conversations are beautiful. This is a must read because all of us can relate to Ella is some way or another.  

Watch Out For: Captured by human-eating ogres, trickery, running away, death, evil stepmother and sisters.

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