Monday, November 22, 2010


By Wendelin van Draanen; Scholastic 2001

Summary: Bryce and Juli tell the story of their relationship. It all began in second grade when Bryce moves in across the street from Juli. Juli instantly has a crush on Bryce, who doesn’t reciprocate, and throughout elementary school he tries to avoid her. In middle school, they both start to realize Bryce’s flaws.  When Bryce begins to try to change, he starts to notice Juli’s good points. Their families and other things outside of them undergo several changes as well.

My Review: The chapters in this novel switch between both Juli and Byrce’s stories and their point of views with their interactions with each other. I laughed the hardest at Juli’s point of view because I can totally relate to her thoughts and actions. This entire book is hilarious because I believe all of us can relate to both of these kids.

Watch Out For: fights, crushes, thoughts of kissing.


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