Monday, January 24, 2011

Enders Game

 Ender's Game
By Orson Scott Card; Tor Books 1985

Summary: It is the Earth's future and so far humankind has survived two conflicts with the Formics, an alien race also known as the Buggars. An international fleet maintains a school to find and train future fleet commanders, in preparation for a third invasion. The most talented children are taken to a training center known as the Battle School. Teachers train them in the arts of war through difficult games.
Andrew "Ender" Wiggin's is selected for training at Battle School. He is extremely talented and intelligent, but tormented with isolation and ridicule by others. Could Ender be the one that will save humankind from the Buggars? 

My Review: I fell madly in love with this book. It has been recommended to me for years and I have rejected it because I thought it looked weird and it was old, but I was wrong on so many accounts. This is a very well written book. It keeps you on your toes as you watch Ender go through struggles and trails. I thought that Ender was one of the most complex characters I have ever read about. He is someone who is so good and compassionate,but often finds himself put in bad situations. He doesn't mean to hurt others, but they give him no choice, but to defend himself. I highly highly recomend this book. Boys will love it! And if you are a girl like me who loves science fiction, suspense, and action, you will love this book.

 Watch Out For: Deaths, torture, nudity, violent adults and children, swearing,

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