Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Bend in the Road

A Bend in the Road
By Nicholas Sparks: Warner Books 2001

Summary: Miles' life seemed to end the day his wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident. He still rises each morning to take care of his young son, and carries out his duties as deputy sheriff of New Burn, North Carolina, but it's all in a numb and hopeless haze. Then Miles meets Sarah Andrews, his son's first grade teacher, who is rebuilding her own life after a shattering divorce. Slowly, their newfound love starts to soothe the pain of the past. But when a devastating secret is revealed, they discover they have much more than love in common. Now, they are questioning everything they ever believed in—and had just begun to hope for.

My Review: Ok this has been one of my favorites by him because of the mystery! Ahhhh! I was so dang excited. I love it when I am reading a novel and trying to find who the murder is! And by golly I figured it out before it was revealed. This was such an incredible book about letting go, forgiveness, and moving on. Life is hard and throws difficult things at us, but that shouldn't stop us from being happy and seeking happiness. Love and forgiveness was definitely a main theme in this book. In this novel it is narrated by Miles, Sarah, and another mysterious person.

 The character Miles had an unsolved case about the death of his wife which was
a hit and run, but when he meets Sarah he begins to get over the case and starts to move on. Sarah is moving on from a divorce and finds comfort in helping Jonah and getting to know Miles. I thought that the relationship between Miles and Sarah was adorable. There is this Halloween scene that I found to be so romantic! Sigh…. I did not put this one down! AHH!

Watch Out for: Mild Language, Sensuality, accidents, stalking, Violence, Cop like actions, blood, and death.

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