Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay
James Michael Pratt; St. Martins 2002

Summary: Jack Santos never had a father-or so he believed. All his life, he was told his father was killed in the Vietnam War. Jack was raised by his mother alone, and all his life he was searching for something he couldn't name. A twist of fate changes everything he thought he knew, however. He discovers his father isn't dead after all and that for the past decades he has been suspended between life and death; between dreaming and waking. Jack is hungry for everything he can find out about this father, Levi Harper. And the only link he has to the past is through Levi's journals. It is through these journals that Jack discovers who his father really is: from a small boy in Paradise Bay, California, to an eager young man going off to Vietnam, to a young husband who desperately wants a future for his wife, Levi Harper reveals his loves, dreams, hopes...and secrets. Can Jack discover the truth about his own life? And can he find the love that will always bring him back to Paradise Bay? For anyone who came of age in the 1950s, 60s, or 70s, Paradise Bay is a story that will show you the true meaning of love, and will take you home again

My Review:  This is such a great book.  It is a cute little romance and I enjoyed the heck out of it.  This is a classic romance that takes place during the Vietnam War.  It is a classy read because of how people acted back then. They were all so sincere and traditional. There were cute kissing scenes in this book.  I also really loved the music that was brought into it. The character Levi plays the piano and writes music and sometimes I could picture what the music sounded like.I just love it! The only thing I had a hard time reading was the war scenes. I am just not all that into them. I skipped through most of it. But if you like them then go for it. Overall it was an enjoyable read. 

Watch Out for: War, medical illness, kissing, and some language.

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