Friday, March 1, 2013

Love Letters of a Lifetime

Love Letters of a Lifetime: Romance in America
By Dana Reeve; Hyperion 2001

Summary: The first book from Lifetime, Television for Women a lovely volume of the most poignant and romantic love letters collected from women everywhere.The tradition of writing love letters is almost as timeless as love itself. And in that spirit, in January/February 2001, Lifetime, the number one television brand for women, will celebrate its Love Letters of a Lifetime month, culminating in a special network television event. Together, these love letters reach beyond the ethnic, social, and economic boundaries to expose real love in all its forms. And to show that love endures, each letter is put into context of the current relationship with updates on the couples.

From bittersweet, old-fashioned letter-writing to cyber love the newest way to profess your love over the web this perfect gift for romantics everywhere crosses over from generation to generation and touches the heart.

My Review: This book melted my heart. It is a reminder that love does exist and that everyone's love story is something special. This is based on real life love stories and not some made up one.  It is a collection of love letters from couples, that they wrote to each other from when they first started dating until now. it gives background stories and the actual letters.

I thought this read to be inspirational and just plain adorable. I really want to start writing love letters for my future husband and when I am married I will definatly countine to write him love letters.  If you are looking for a good read, full of love then this is the book for you. 


  1. Love is my favorite topic :-D I love reading books on Love. This is just my type of book ! Thanks for the review . I ll surely check it out . I was going through your blog and loved the books reviewed in your home page of your blog. Looking forward to read more reviews from you !

    found you from Blogaholic and I am your brand new follower !

    Cheers !

  2. I'm following from Blogaholic Social Network. Good luck on the book reviewer position!




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