Monday, April 1, 2013

Finding Forrest's Treasure

Finding Forrest's Treasure
Tips and Resources for finding Forrest Fenn's 
Multi-Million Dollar "Poem Treasure" 

By Maxwell J. Steele' Treasure Hunters Unlimited 2013

Summary: This book provides valuable tips and resources essential to finding Forrest Fenn's multi-million dollar treasure. The famed "The Thrill of the Chase Treasure", or the "Poem Treasure" contains valuable jewelry, jewels, and over 20 troy pounds of rare gold coins and golden nuggets. This book has the information needed to help you find it.

Maxwell J. Steele starts by breaking down the all-important nine clues contained in the now famous poem but he goes further by offering a tenth clue, personal facts about Forrest Fenn, and many extra tidbits and hints that will definitely help if you plan on searching for this treasure.

Extra treasure hunting tips are provided and two different methods for finding the treasure are discussed. The end of the book contains a resources section offering further ways to gather information for your search.

Review: I read this in one night. One word. DISAPPOINTING. It did not give me any insight whatsoever to help my find the Treasure of Forrest Fenn worth around 3 million dollars. It said things like "look on Google Maps." Thank you for pointing out the obvious Maxwell.I am about 9 clues ahead of you pal.  For those of you who do not know about this famous treasure hunt that is taking place in New Mexico, Here is a link explaining it. 

I, however, after much research and studying of his poem. I figured it out. If only my brother would follow my strict instructions to locate the treasure. I think he doubts me. O well. Once I return to my home town. I will follow my gut instict and will never be heard from again. 

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