Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

 The Steadfast Tin Soldier
by Hans Christian Andersen;C. A. Reitzel 1838

Summary: A tin toy soldier with who stands on a single leg sees a paper ballerina with a spangle on her sash, who stands on one leg also. They fall in love. A troll warns the soldier to take his eyes off the ballerina, but the soldier ignores this warning. When the soldier falls from the windowsill the soldier finds himself in a wild adventure which leads him back home to the ballerina for an epic ending. 

My Review: This is one of my favorite fairytales. I love the love story between the ballerina and the tin soldier. I think it is one of those tragically beautiful stories that lift up your heart.

Things to Watch Out For: Fire, Troll, a rat, a fish being caught and cut open, and evil little boys.

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