Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fragrance of Her Name

The Fragrance of Her Name
Marcia Lynn McClure; Distractions Ink 2004

Summary: Love, the miraculous, eternal bond that binds two souls together. Lauryn Kennsington knew the depth of it. Since the day of her eighth birthday, she had lived the power of true love; witnessed it with her own heart. She had talked with it, learning not even time or death can vanquish it. The Captain taught her these truths. And she loved him all the more for it. But now, a grown woman, Lauryn's dear Captain's torment became her own. After ten years, Lauryn had not been able to help him find peace - the peace his lonely spirit needed so desperately; peace he'd sought every moment since his death over fifty years before. 

Now, what of her own peace? The time had come and Lauryn's heart longed to do the unthinkable - selfishly abandon her Captain for another - a mortal man who had stolen her heart, becoming her only desire. 

Would Lauryn be able to put tormented spirits to rest and still be true to her own soul? Or, would she have to make a choice - a choice forcing her to sacrifice one true love for another

My Review: I was deeply impressed with the plot in this novel. I loved the mystery and the history of it all. I admired Brant and Lauryn's desperate search to reunite Brand and Laura.It is an fantastic tale of ghosts, mystery and lovers. In all honesty it wasn't really one of my favorites by her, but I did enjoy several parts of it. 

Things to Watch Out for: Mild Violence, gruesome war details, ghosts, and intense kissing.

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